Saint Petersburg:

+7911 011 1161

  Senator Businessmen Services provides consulting services in the United Arab Emirates. Not only will our company save you time, but we will also be a valuable resource in achieving your goals. SBS provides administrative and consultative support at every stage of your business plan development. We take an individual approach to each client, and have extensive knowledge of the regulations, customs and business practices in the UAE, which is the reason for the success of our company.

Some of the ways in which we can help you reach your objectives:
• Registering companies and representative offices in the UAE
• Finding business partners
• Registering in a UAE Free Trade Zone
• Organizing trade shows and business meetings 

• Support in selling and buying a business 

• Assistance in import and export operations
• Opening bank accounts
• Legal support
• Filing documents with Dubai’s immigration and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
• Consulting services in real estate
• Translating and legalizing documents
• Filing for visas
• Filing for Emirates ID cards