Dubai Fitness Challenge

Are you looking to revamp your fitness goals? Want to be healthier but lacking motivation? A new wave of exercise enthusiasm is spreading over Dubai, and everyone is free to join. 

The Dubai Fitness Challenge encourages everyone to commit to 30 minutes of exercise for 30 days. The goal is for Dubai to collectively clock up over 100 million minutes of exercise. Already a sports-friendly city, Dubai has planned even more fitness activities in gyms, parks, public spaces and community areas to get you up and moving on your own or with family or friends. Whether you’re an accomplished runner, an avid yogi, or have never broken a sweat in your life, there’s sure to be a class which piques your interest and caters to your skill level. 

Cycling competitions, triathlons, boot camps, swim at the beach, obstacle courses through the sand, and even ladies-only events are all on the agenda, and that’s just the beginning. Take advantage of free classes at all your favorite gyms- it’s the perfect time to brush up on your technique or try a new sport. 


20 October - 18 November 2017