EXPO 2020

International Exhibition Bureau had decided to hold the World Expo 2020 in Dubai.
    Geographical advantageous position, the cultural component of the country's infrastructure of international level, the stability of the economic and political terms, the active development of the tourism industry, safety, and the availability of financial stability were decisive factors that influenced the victory of the United Arab Emirates in the race for the right to host the World Expo in 2020.
    In making this decision, Dubai attended by more than 250 international experts - members of the Commission on the organization of the exhibition. And they all came to the conclusion that the Expo in Dubai will be organized at the highest level.
    Everyone knows that Dubai stands on one of the leading places more attractive to live and do business. For members of the committee and it was odnym of the main factors in choosing venue. In addition, they visited the world-famous attractions UAE, such as the ecological city "Masdar City", a mosque in Abu Dhabi, "Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center", the tower "Burj Khalifa" and other famous places.
    To date, the development of the metropolis and infrastructure allocated a lot of money in the coming months, according to analysts will manifold increase in investment flows. This exhibition in Dubai will facilitate further rapid development of the country.
    This event will be a symbol of a new era in international trade and the construction of modern global markets.
    Dubai authorities believe that for the World Expo 2020 metropolis is almost ready. It contains all of the unique opportunities for the organization of international exhibitions. Dubai is a modern business center, which is constantly going on exchange of international experience. There is an incredible number of representatives of the various lines of business all over the world, and in the coming years, their number will grow rapidly.
    Public policy has a fairly liberal orientation to foreign investors. The country has all the conditions for the operation and development of business, and the business climate allows the UAE to live and work effectively representatives of more than two hundred nationalities. In Dubai, employs highly qualified specialists from around the world, which in turn enhances the capabilities of modern technology and the implementation of innovative projects.
    In addition to preparing for Expo 2020 in the UAE regularly organizes exhibitions in other modern information technology and innovation, various industries and so on.
    All residents are actively involved in the preparations for the World Expo in 2020, they were joined by volunteers and volunteers. Very active in preparation of all activities related to the exhibition. All the information about the exhibition EXPO 2020 in Dubai, guests will be able to get the country in a specially installed kiosks.
    For the construction of the national pavilions in the "Jebel Ali" set aside land area of ​​438 hectares. By 2020, the neighborhood will be fully completed airport complex "Al Maktoum", designed for servicing 160 million passengers per year, making it the largest air hub in the world. Also in the "Jebel Ali" is titled seaport, which is the third busiest in the world.
    The main theme of the international exhibition Expo Dubai will be the organization of an efficient and effective work of international business partners. During the exhibition will address the following questions:
     "Sustainable development" - development and application of sound energy sources;
     "Mobility rate" - the introduction of innovations in the field of transport and logistics;
     "Empowerment" - search destinations for global economic growth.
    Experts estimate that the visitors of the international exhibition EXPO 2020 in Dubai will be over 25 million people. Dubai - the first city in the Middle East, where the exhibition will be like a worldwide scale.
    International Exhibition EXPO is held once in five years, and is an excellent opportunity to strengthen the cooperation of the states in various spheres. Share experiences on different strant will ensure the stability of the world economy and contribute to world progress.
    37 billion dollars, roughly the amount to estimates of analysts British consulting companies will be income from an international exhibition EXPO 2020 In addition, there will be over 300 thousand jobs in the period of 6-7 years. Experts believe that the conduct of the EXPO 2020 in Dubai favorably affect not only the country but also for the entire region. The Middle East will get their profits from the exhibition and the influx of foreign tourists as well as business partners.
    World Expo 2020 is the main symbol of industrial and technological industrialization. On this site you will find all the latest advances in the field of new technologies. The exhibition is scheduled from May to October 2020.
    Dubai - a real jewel that adorns the Persian Gulf. This Sovmen metropolis rightfully deserved to win in the struggle for the right to host the international exhibition EXPO 2020 There are all conditions for safe living, work and leisure!